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Purple and Pink Playful Pop of Color Art

about us

create community by creating with your community 

our studios

secret handshake studios is a nonprofit arts & crafts community workspace in beautiful kansas city. our mission is to help people explore their crafty side and to support more experienced makers in their creative growth.


we offer access to specialty tools and materials, as well as opportunities to both attend and teach classes. our space regularly hosts community building events, like art exhibitions and just plain ol' fun parties. our public storefront will display (and sell, of course) all the cool handmade stuff our members make.

ultimately, we just want to support local crafters, and think we can do that best by providing:

  • affordable access to specialty tools and on-hand materials

  • access to work space conducive to creating projects that might be difficult to comfortably do and store from home 

  • opportunities to connect with other rad makers through classes and events

  • the ability to sell work in a physical storefront

first and foremost, we are a community. we want our members to be a part of growing secret handshake studios into a space that best fits their specific needs. we hope you'll join us soon, and we can't wait to see what you make!

click here to learn more about our tools and studio space.

meet the team

we're the small crew of eager craft enthusiasts behind the scenes of the space



jewelry maker, tufter

libra sun, virgo moon, leo rising

i've lived a little bit of everywhere, and love to bop around to different parts of the earth whenever i  get the chance, but i am really happy to have settled down here in kc!  i dig bright colors and funky shapes in my work, and it shows. i'm a big word nerd, so i do the morning crossword puzzle and read a lot. good food is my jam, but choosing what/where to eat is not. i am allergic to cats, so of course i have 2 and i adore them.



jewelry maker, sewer 

scorpio sun, cancer moon, pisces rising

i was raised in chicago and had an unconventional education there, so i am good at and enjoy teaching myself new things. i love kickin' it at the beach and  being near bodies of water. my swedish heritage calls me to me and i am really into their language and culture, but i enjoy traveling in general. Spending time with people, especially playing and being creative, is what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. 



knitter, woodworker

cancer sun, leo moon, virgo rising

i grew in up chicago where i was a carpenter for 8 years before relocating to kc. i enjoy pretty much anything that involves working with my hands. i play and create new board games. you can spot me around town dancing, singing "lucky" by britney at karaoke, and being a general goof. i also love to chill at home with my cats and my plants that take up too much space in my apartment.

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